Bows for all Occasions and Packaging

Bows can add a special touch to your products and packaging but the possibilities are endless, so here’s a quick guide on the key points to consider to help guide you to your perfect bow. Please note that other ribbons and bow syles are available, so if you can't see what you're looking for please do get in touch with us for a chat about exactly what you need.


Bows can be made from a wide variety of ribbons, but the most popular choices are Single Face Satin, Double Face Satin and Grosgrain. The ribbon type may partly be dictated by the size of the bow, the width of the ribbon, and whether or not the ribbon is to be plain or printed.

Style of the bow

There are a variety of different styles of bow, but the most popular is the 2 Loop 2 tail bow, as pictured below. Also pictured is a bow with opposite tails, where one tail is above and one tail is below the bow.


2 Loop 2 Tail Bow

2 Loop 2 Opposite Tail Bow

Attaching the bow to the product

Bows can be attached to products in a number of different ways. Popular examples are a simple adhesive pad on the back of the bow, cable ties and twist ties (usually used around the top of a bag).

Bows can also be supplied on straps. These may be horizontal, vertical, or both. Straps can have adhesive pads at the ends for attaching them to the product, or to attach the ends of the strap to each other. Another option is for the straps to be made into a loop ready to slide straight onto a product, with a small length of elastic sewn into the loop at the back for quick, easy and secure application to the product.

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Bow on a cable tie

Bow on a twist tie


Bow on horizontal and vertical straps

Bow on a vertical strap


Bow on a horizontal strap

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