Fabric Bags made to your specifications

Fabric Bags come in useful for all sorts of things are probably most popular for jewellery, gifts, bottles and wrapped chocolates or sweets! 

Bags are available in a range of different materials and can be made to your specifications so that your bags are perfect for what you need. They are made to your size specifications and can have different closures - this could drawstrings made from ribbon or cord, for example, or they could have a button or a zip.


Different shapes are available and this could also include a base if you were putting bottles in your bags. 


They can even be printed or embroidered with your company name or logo, just to add that special touch and make them extra eye-catching.

The materials shown in the video below are Cotton, Hessian, Jute, Velvet, Satin and Suede - but another popular choice is Organza (Sheer).

See more images on our Fabric Bags page. 



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