We are all becoming more aware of our environment, the significant changes taking place on our planet and the impact we have upon it. At Signature Ribbon we are constantly striving to bring eco-friendly alternatives to our market and to ensure the products we do manufacture are as sympathetic as possible in our world.

With a major issue at the moment being the amount of plastic waste in the world we can now offer a Single Face Satin, Double Face Satin and a Grosgrain ribbon made from recycled PET which, as well as helping the environment with less plastic waste, looks identical to standard polyester ribbon, is just as versatile and can be printed.

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Eco Friendly

Many of our products are already reusable and more use of Paper, Cotton and Jute (Hessian) will have a greater benefit for the environment and now, the ability to manufacture yarn from recycled materials can further aid our endeavours to supply ecologically friendly products.


The bulk of ribbon produced and used in conjunction with product presentation is made from Polyester. Such ribbon, along with Cotton and Jute (Hessian) may be recycled with clothing and textiles either through a bag collection scheme or in bins at household waste recycling centres. This currently differs between councils so please check with your local council on this.

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PET Ribbon

This incredible ribbon is made from recycled PET, meaning that less plastic waste ends up in landfill or in our oceans. Amazingly, it looks identical to the standard polyester ribbon and is also just as versatile. 

So how is it done? 

1. The plastic bottles are collected within China
2. They bottles are then washed
3. Next the bottles are sorted and crushed into bails
4. These balls are then ground into flakes and washed again
5. The flakes are then heated to create molten plastic in a liquid form and extruded at high pressure into yarn
6. The yarn is then woven into ribbon
7. The ribbon is dyed using water based dyes

Why is the ribbon so eco-friendly?

1. The ribbon is produced using 100% post-consumer waste plastic in the form of PET plastic bottles
2. No oil is extracted from the ground to create virgin yarn to weave the ribbon


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